Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bill gets the shaft from Keystone-again--on landscaping


Absolutely right on that one. If my slope that I have been trying to get Keystone to at least PLANT ANYTHING on looked as good as any part of the sportsPark, I'd be a happy camper.

After six months of constant conversation, still no hedge replaced OR bare spot replanted.

Bill Gast

P.S. At last budget review, I think the number was.15/sqFT for slope. At that rate, Keystone could have planed Jacaranda trees and manicured dichoronda over the past three years that this blight has been a problem in this area.

Bill: Effective January 1, 2005, the current CZ Board has extracted approximately $400,000 more dollars from CZ Members based on a $10 per month dues increase. It doesn't sound like much when discussed as a $10 per month dues increase; but when viewed as an additional $400,000 that is coming out of our pockets, it starts to be real money. Most important, very little of that money is going into Reserves. Most of this money is going to fund additional operating expenses. I would think there should be enough to get the plants you have requested in the common area near your home. Not to make you feel bad, but Canyon Estates did get about $5,000 worth of plant replacement in 2004 thanks to Richard Liggitt and the Landscape Committee. We did follow the process. After I complained about bare spots, we did a landscape walk at 7:00 am one Saturday morning which required that our Delegate be present. The work was done. We got our plants. I guess it's who you know or how many e-mails you write that gets the grease in Coto. Regards, Joe Morabito

Last official count of CZ homes was 3,474 times $10.00 times 12 months = $416,880 JGB

JGB: Even worse. The sad thing is that this money is not going to primarily fund Reserves, buy the Welcome Home Center, if and when a deal ever comes together, serve as a down payment on a Community Center or for tennis courts at the Sports Park. Instead, nearly all of this additional $416,880 dues money is going to fund Operating Expenses that are out of control. No Competitive Bidding in Four Years or More. No Water Conservation Program to cut our Water Cost. Subsidizing various groups with our Dues Money. This $416,880 dues increase is just the beginning of the story, if current and future CZ Board Members don't start minding the store. Remember, this dues increase will be applied FOREVER and that is a long time if we don't elect CZ Board Members committed to dealing with all these issues. I don't know about any of you; but I don't want to pay for fiscal mismanagement compounded FOREVER or until death do us part. Regards, Joe Morabito

P.S. The good news is that a new CZ Board, that gets it, could appoint a Supplier Selection and Contract Management Committee that should survive all Boards to implement competitive bidding on a rotational basis and assist with supplier management. It is possible to roll back this unnecessary $416,880 dues increase with some hard work; but I don't think that current CZ Board Members who took the easy road and raised dues see the forest for the oak trees. It will take new, fiscally responsible Board Members to fix the problems that we face.


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