Monday, December 13, 2004

Get the committee staarted to research the well--let's move on this!!

Do you have any information about the common property in Coto? Any such wells would not be for residential use or on residential property.
They would be for irrigation of common areas with wells in common area locations.
If the older portions of Coto, such as the estates, have retained water rights, it is possible that land that was never subdivided has retained those rights.
There is also the possibility of a negotiated agreement with the water district.
This is best accomplished during times of drought when they don't have enough supply.
At those times, public opinion can be used to hammer out a favorable arrangement.
There is also the fact that a reservoir is maintained within the gates. Depending on the details and life of that agreement, there may be leverage available at some time in the future.
Of course, no one will ever really know the feasibility of this concept until someone takes the time to really dig into all the details, the body of law that controls it, and the entities that must be dealt with.
I understand that the current General Manager of the Water District is the former General Manager of the Coto Golf Club. He might be willing to supply information and advice on the subject.
John G


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