Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It water under the bridge, Patti,

I agree with the premise that water should be conserved. The sprinklers all
over Coto were going during each rain storm. Many of them were watering the
street and not the plants. I thought the sprinklers were on a monitored
system, where they could be turned off or adjusted for weather conditions.
In so far as Drought Tolerant plants, they might assist with water
conservation, but they are a poor choice for fire hazard areas. True
Drought Tolerant plants are known for their ability to ignite and sustain
fire, because they contain flammable oils. Many of the Native or Drought
Tolerant plants require fire for the soot it leaves in the soil, for
fertility and reseeding purposes. It
is best to use expendable plants in Fire Hazard areas. One should use
softer species that look like Native Plants that do not have the fuel
capacity of true Natives.


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