Saturday, December 11, 2004

Joe misses the point, slides to the past and is covered by intelligent responses

John: At least 10 different, very independent minded Board Members and maybe more, upon review of the facts, decided that the Pinnacles matter had to be pursued to seek compliance after four years of debate and many discusions at open session Board Meetings. It was never about 24 homeowners fences; but rather about the precedent involved and the implications for all of Coto. The Pinnacles people never understood the bigger picture; but all Board Members faced with the facts saw it the same way. There is no point in re-fighting that battle. All that matters is that a judge agreed with successive Boards and the rest is history. Specific to secrecy, as soon as any litigation begins, all discussion in Open Session stops. That would be true no matter who sits on the CZ Board.


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