Thursday, December 09, 2004

Joe tells em what we are looking for in the cooked books

Jerry: I continue to ask very direct questions that are never answered. Would you like me to forward you all the e-mails? Why don't you tell us about the money going to CotoCAN that will not show up in CZ numbers? And, yes, you stated that a goal specific to the CotoCAN deal is to avoid income taxes for CZ. I think this could very well be tax fraud since this income legitimately belongs to CZ. I can also forward you your e-mail to demonstrate your short memory. Believe me, I would not be so persistent related to the actions of the current CZ Board if there was not something rotten in Denmark/Coto. The current CZ Board just raised dues by $10 per month as a result of fiscal mismanagement, misappropriation of funds and failure to properly manage supplier contracts. I don't need to come to a Board Meeting to see your handiwork. The failings of this current CZ Board are readily visible. Dues increase, Special Assessment without the documentation to support it, accidents on our streets as a result of speeding, Oakview/Oakknoll gates open in violation of a legal agreement, subsidizing outside organizations with our dues money, notices sent out in the mail that are incorrect, etc. etc. etc. We are not stupid. We see all the fiascos. Regards, Joe Morabito

Patti, and everyone else listening:

It is truly unfortunate that we have someone shouting to anyone who will listen about things for which they refuse to consider the facts. All of the issues raised are discussed in the General Sessions of our Board meetings or can be inspected at Keystone's offices. Moreover, I have answered all of these questions more than once in this forum.

Anyone listening to Joe Morabito should know that he has not attended one Board meeting in over a year. Moreover, like any member, he has every right to inspect our records at Keystone, yet he has not. So for him to make accusations or form conclusions about the activities of CZ or CotoCAN are absurd, because he has consistently avoided those very forums specifically designed, by state law, to discuss issues and present the facts. This forum is interesting and sometimes productive, but it is not a substitute for attending Board meetings.

Tax fraud? Are you kidding me? What's next, incest?

Patti, I would enjoy meeting you for coffee and discussing any topic you wish regarding CZ or CotoCAN. How about it?

Jerry Mezger

Patti: I keep pushing for full disclosure on the CotoCAN issue particularly with this $10 per month dues increase which I believe is a result of CZ Board fiscal mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. There is no doubt that the current CZ Board has pierced the corporate veil specific to CotoCAN which is being funded by CZ through a variety of sweet heart deals and schemes. These actions have also brought the liability for CotoCAN activities right to CZ members and with a $500,000 deductible insurance policy which is now the coverage CZ has in place, it becomes even more serious.

Both Marla Carlson, who is in charge of CotoCAN and the CZ Board to date are taking the fifth. I have asked for details on the monies going to CotoCAN repeatedly and have gotten no response because obviously the answers would be self incriminating. This is our own COTOGATE scandal. It may even involve tax fraud as a stated goal by Jerry Mezger of this scheme is for CZ to avoid the income taxes on these revenues that legitimately belong to CZ. What we do know is that Keystone employees paid for with our dues money are working for CotoCAN. We also know that CotoCAN is renting out our Sports Park to the Farmers Market and keeping the income. And finally, the ad revenues from the CotoVoice and the Maps at the gates are also going to CotoCAN. There may be other aspects to this whole scheme to divert monies from CZ to CotoCAN that have not surfaced yet. Nothing would surprise me given the lack of sensitivity concerning conflicts of interests and the poor ethical compass of this current CZ Board. These revenues all belong to CZ because we are the basis for earning them and because we fund the gates for distribution of materials and maintanance of the Sports Park. While perhaps well intentioned to fund activities for Coto, the relationship that the current CZ Board has put in place with CotoCAN is an absolute violation of fidiciary responsibility to protect the interest of our 3,500 members. I believe it is malfeasance of the worst kind never practiced before by any CZ Board I have ever seen in office since moving to Coto in 1996. Regards, Joe Morabito
-----I am also wondering about Number 7 and the Coto Can
issue. What does it mean involve and support? Is the
support financial or what?
-----: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 5:41 PM
Subject: RE: [COTO] RE: Securitas is getting $218.69 Per Hour in Coto de Caza

Jerry: As usual, you are full of baloney. You don't know what you are talking about. Joe Morabito

-----Jan, sorry for the mistake in the letter to the membership. The letter was drafted prior to my correction. Nevertheless, the contract was "for up to 40 hours per week" so the CHP did not guarantee the 40 hours . . . they could have spent much less but I'm not aware that they ever reported the number of hours actually spent to any Board.

Notwithstanding, the absolute number of hours, whether it be 40 hours per week, or per month, is a red herring. It's the impact that counts and, again, the CHP reported to the Board that "they were writing as many tickets now (late 2003) as they were at the beginning." It was the CHP who said they're not having an impact.

By the way, I'm advised that the Sheriff has already been issuing traffic citations in Coto. (???????????? whaaaa???? not to the right people then Jerry, not the right people!!!)

Jerry Mezger


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