Saturday, December 11, 2004

Latches?? We don need no stinkin latches!!

As we pondered John’s tutorial on latches, we found ourselves wallowing in the never, never nebulosities of open ended possibilities generated by obfuscating results offered by snorkeling for clear signs of red-colored herrings found in murky, muddy waters followed by exhaustive journeys traversing every single nest the rats might have wondered into, or simply sliding down the myriad of slippery slopes available as result of activating the wrong latch

The only thing we could latch unto was the fact that this board is getting a strong dose of its own medicine, and it does not like it. Once upon a time, this board was the only vociferous sound of dissent heard around Coto. After they took over, they relied on the now disbanded band of merry men to silence dissent, led by the chairman of the League of Intelligence Gathering in Information Technology (LIGIT) who would shout down and insult the opposition. Now that the merry men are long gone, all they can latch unto is legal intimidation


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