Saturday, December 11, 2004

No support, no support I get no support don't you EVER forget???

oops, Joe, lets re-visit that one a bit.
"It was never about 24 homeowners fences; but rather about the precedent involved and the implications for all of Coto. "
That may have been the Board's position but the entire community wanted to give these people a variance and move on. As for the "secret meetings" of the BOD at the time, think back --I was the delegate for the Pinnacles and was "rejected" from the meeting because I was not a homeowner there.I'd start promoting a new image in Coto if you want support for some of these cost reduction- by- analysis- programs you are promoting. I see a vision here of the Swift boat vets coming back to haunt you for past actions.and your track record. (( swiftboats return to action in Coto de Caza??)You have a great, hard charging concern for the betterment of Coto Joe and if we can get you to direct that energy in a more proactive attitude, I'm confident things will happen IMHO
Bill Gast


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