Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Senior Plan and the Youth plan

First of all, read Jan's reply which is a plan that would certainly work using the valley facility. I remember when this idea first surfaced but no action was taken. Jan and Martha could detail the obstacles confronted at that time in Coto history. We could go from there. It has everything we discussed. There is even room for expansion and updating at that location.
But I'd like to return to my proposal for the sports park at the present facility because of a very important difference in semantics of your reply.
which was;
Of course, I assume you are suggesting that we build such a facility IN ADDITION to the youth sports fields already in place, and NOT that the kids’ fields should be ripped out to build a pool and spa for the senior citizens in Coto.
My proposal never mentioned that the facilities should be converted for the exclusive use of senior citizens. I want to empathize here that there should never be a division between genders in any of these projects. No single group, senior citizens, youth or sports advocates should dominate the subject. This is a very dangerous position and I want to make clear that this can all work together. I do not want to be characterized as the grumpy ol guy that thinks seniors get the short end on community projects in Coto. We know each other well enough John that maybe that didn't need to be said but I want to make it clear for everyone.
The property at hand is not large enough for a building. That was my somewhat factious comment about the 20ftby 30ft building. As a matter of record, perhaps you can clear up one "fable" that has circulated for some time about that property. It was my understanding that Lenar donated that acreage for the specific use as open geenspace. This was not because Lenar was so magnanimous and thankful for the business obtained here but because it was a County requirement. The County "greenplan" requirements as you are probably aware requires that the builder provide so many parking spaces per building and also so much open greenspace as park or open area. This space is to remain open and no buildings constructed. This reasoning is why there were no buildings with the exception of the restroom facilities and storage area constructed on this property. The "storage" area is now a small office. If this is verified then of course there will never be anything at that location except sports fields. If not, I'd be interested in hearing the size building that could be constructed on what you refer to as "available property."


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