Monday, December 20, 2004

Time out for some Xmas parties ( we sure know how to do that in coto!!!!

Let the good times roll!!
This is the time of year that we all drop the community project planning and just actually enjoy each other's company. Believe it or not folks, all these people that jump on each other about what needs to be done in Coto get together this time of year and really have a party. Several parties actually. Then, comes January and we start at it all again for the following year.

Hello All: What is getting lost in this discussion is that HOA amenities add to property value. It is not at all uncommon for other master planned, gated communities to have community centers, swimming pools, tennis courts etc. included in the HOA dues. Over time, we should strive to build out our Sports Park on the remaining land and the Welcome Home Center property if we ever get hold of it to include other amenities. Though it would require a series of Special Assessments over several years, I believe we can make a swimming pool and tennis courts happen without much pain or significantly higher dues. A Community Center would require a major Special Assessment and vote of our Members; but that is ok. If Members see the value they will vote for it, if not, it won't happen. Most important, we need to understand that our Members have diverse interests that should be recognized. While it is great to cater to kids specific to the Sports Park, there are and will be many in Coto whose kids are grown and God willing gone one day. As such, we should have amenities as part of the HOA that work for all. Regards, Joe Morabito

P.S. The social membership at the country club is very expensive. CZ Members should not have to join the country club just to get tennis courts and a swimming pool.

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I can't imagine what made you think we would have a lake, tennis court and pool as part of some "expansion." This was never a part of any proposal by the developer(s).

However, I share your concerns about the traffic situation. I hope and expect that the current Board is working diligently on solutions to present to the community.

My advice to you right now is that you join me in joining the apathetic majority for a week or two. Have a very Merry Christmas, Bill.



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You have an excellent recall and can remember the Coto that we all knew ten years ago as evidenced by your statement;

"Nevertheless, we all knew the "score" when we moved to Coto and, in particular, that we wouldn't be getting a lake, pool, tennis courts or a community center as part of our dues. Each of us weighed those factors and still decided to buy a home in Coto de Caza."

Actually the score I knew was one of slow graceful traffic, low noise level and beautiful green areas. Houses that were spaced according to a master plan of open space and wide streets.In addition, at one time I actually thought that we WOULD have a lake, a tennis court and pool as part of all this expansion. Then we became a community of apathy and discern.Much too busy with personal lives to get involved with our HOA.

Today, we have 70 MPH traffic at highest noise levels ( exceeding incidentally the db rating that the state uses for constructing sound), dead oaks and houses in the South area so close together that residents can actually hear conversations of the family next to them. Add to this the increased HOA dues and you can understand why Coto in a rear view mirror will be happiness for many present residents. Perhaps I was a bit of a Pollyanna thinking that we could keep Coto a place of great pride and beauty by preserving the starlight, by not using heinous steel streetlight posts and glaring traffic lights, observing our CC&R's by not parking onstreet overnight and not placing the trash out on the curb until after six PM the night before and many other aspects of appreciating where we live. This has all changed. Streets in the south area are so narrow as a result of uncontrolled planning that residents can barely pass the parked cars. Drive the south area at any night of the week and you will see hundreds, (yes hundreds) of cars parked on the streets overnight.
My point is that it surely is time that the people that truly care for the future of Coto ( and Joe is certainly one of them) step to the plate and say; "Enough! Hopefully, this will happen after the first of the year and we all see the results of the audit.I don't expect the directors to find it necessary to draw the bridge and hide behind the moat but I think it will attract the attention from some residents that have not been active in the past.

It would be interesting to have CotoBuzz open a contest asking residents to make a forecast- a projection- of what they think it will be like to live in Coto in the coming ten years? Maybe the majority of folks here are just happy as can be and have not a clue where we are headed with all the increased costs???

"Life never looked so good????"

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If you are referring to the fields used by Tijeras Creek Elementary School, they are, in fact, HOA fields. Tijeras Creek has access to those fields under a shared use agreement. In fact, to my knowledge, all of the sports fields in RSM are maintained by the HOA. I believe that's pretty common in newer South County communities.

As to your willingness to pay $40 for all the RSM goodies, no offense, but perhaps you should consider moving to RSM? Sure, it's a pretty sweet deal out there, and $200 is a steep bill by comparison. Nevertheless, we all knew the "score" when we moved to Coto and, in particular, that we wouldn't be getting a lake, pool, tennis courts or a community center as part of our dues. Each of us weighed those factors and still decided to buy a home in Coto de Caza.

As a final matter, the board of directors on which I served actually conducted studies of the dues assessed by "comparable" communities. As of a few years ago, when I was on the Board, our dues were not at all "out of line." RSM is a great community, but I don't think comparing RSM's dues to Coto's is particularly helpful.



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John: There are Sports Fields along Antonio in RSM that I believe are county or city fields. I doubt very much that there are very many if any major Sports Fields in Orange County that are paid for by HOA dues. We will have to check that out. And, I would be happy to pay $40 a month to get a lake, pool, tennis courts, community center etc. etc. even if it meant Sports Fields were included. Funny, we pay $200 a month and we don't have any of those things. You are really making my point. Our dues are too high for what we get because our expenses are out of control and as a result of all the subsidies for various groups. CZ is an all year Santa Claus and our current CZ Board members are like the elves handing out our money to rich people who don't need it. What we really have here is income redistribution. It is a Democrat plot to take from the rich and give to the other rich. There is something very wrong with this picture. Regards, Joe Morabito


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