Thursday, December 09, 2004

Your Mother is a Republican, Nuff said you Bum!!

Subject: Re: [COTO] Re: "Lawyer letter" sent to Joe Morabito

A few comments on Michael's response.
1) Interesting point about the ACLU but I have reason to believe Joe is a Republican (sorry Joe if you consider it slanderous to be labeled a Republican) and the ACLU is not going to come to his defense, even though we all know the ACLU is always right and they have come to the defense of so many helpless people who feel the need to remove all of the horrible injustices in our society, such as their defense of the recent banning of actual copies of the declaration of independence from classrooms and replace them with altered documents because the word God appears in the original.

Oh, I must be off the mark here, you were saying something about the first amendment and free speech weren't you? Point: Free speech and freedom of expression are not absolute, Just ask anyone in the ACLU.
2). Your comments about the college officials center on the court's determination that people in these positions are in fact public officials. I am not sure that argument will hold up for a volunteer board of directors in a private community that is NOT open to the public.That might be a big stretch, even for the ACLU. I believe you identified the individual as being with a public community college, did you not?
3) It is really hard to accept the rest of your opinion when you opened your statement by saying you have not seen the letter. I have read and reread this letter in hopes of finding something scandalous hidden within, perhaps a subliminal message as you suggested. I just don't see it. Maybe I need a pair of those special glasses from the movie National Treasure that miraculously reveal the hidden messages on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Just a thought: if the ACLU had gotten involved before that movie was made, would the ACLU have sued to force the movie industry to use an "altered" copy of the declaration of Independence in the movie to prevent horrifying all of those helpless people from seeing the word God in the document? Another thought for the ACLU, why is it that the word God is offensive and the ACLU seeks to ban that word, while at the same time they protect the use of the word goddamn? Maybe one needs to be a Democrat to fully comprehend these complex issues.


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